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      Duration: 00:28 Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence.
Season Eight Match

The Assassin 
HT: 5'3
WT: 107lbs
Season record (1-0) 
Lifetime record (16-5)

The Destroyer 
HT: 5'10
WT: 150lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (0-0)

 Ariel X is back and healthy.  This six season veteran gets stronger, faster, and more brutal each year.  This tiny girl is the poster child for what a Ultimate Surrender wrestler is.  She is one of the elite of the elites, on and off the mat.   
Welcome Saffron "The Destroyer" to Ultimate Surrender.  If you go back and look though the crowd, you will see Saffron at the last two US Tag Team Matches.  After one of the matches she approached us and told us she wanted to wrestle.  At 5'10 and 150lbs of pure muscle she was a bit cocky and pretty sure she could beat anyone we tossed at her.  So we thought we would toss one of our smallest at her and teach her a bit of humility.
Saffron meet 5'3 107lb Ariel X.  What's that?  I can't hear you over the sound of you moaning like a whore in rd4 :)
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Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence.
Season Eight Match

The Dragon
HT: 5'4
WT: 135lbs
Season record (1-0) 
Lifetime record (30-5)

The Destroyer 
HT: 5'10
WT: 150lbs
Season record (0-1) 
Lifetime record (0-1)

 The Dragon has a weakness, and the secret is out.  Every wrestler knows that if you get fingers in the Dragon you got her.  It is a weakness that has been exploited over the last few matches.  The Dragon will need to man up when the fingers are in her and not cum, or she might fall from the elite. 
The Destroyer is getting the hard matches.  We feel she can easily hit the elite status and we are accelerating her experience.  She has much to learn, but she is catching on faster than any who came before her.  Her size and strength will make her unbeatable if she acquires the same skill that the top four possess.
But that day has yet to come, as Saffron is beaten and beaten well.  She suffered some brutal leg scissors, head locks and even a back breaker.  Worst of all, she got brutally fucked in the ass in RD4.  
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