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This is the last tie of the day.  Lorelei has suffered in tight, brutal bondage for the last 45 minutes with no breaks or rest.  She has been made to cum over and over in each tie. She is physically and emotionally wrecked but somehow has to make it though one more ordeal. 
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      Duration: 00:31 Mistress Starr returns to Training of O to help train our slave slut in the arts of pleasing pussy.
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In her first scene for, Opal Reins, a 49-year-old dance teacher who lives in Colorado, gets the cream-pie treatment. But first, she gives her guy a belly dance (she's a real-life belly dancer) while wearing super-sexy bra and panties, then she gets on top of him and lap-dances him (she is not a real-life lap dancer), then she gives him a sloppy blow job, then she lets him fuck her pussy. When she's riding his cock in the reverse-cowgirl position, she picks up the tempo when she feels his nutsac about to explode inside her nearly-50 cunt, then lets his cum ooze slowly out of her pussy.

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      Duration: 00:40 Russian dancing nude fucking girls Dorm Room Doing It: Wrestling Orgasms Turns to Machine Fucking A SCORE Classic with a great cast. On Location Portugal was not the first SCORE location photo shoot but it was the first location feature (not counting the Boob Cruise movies). Shot in Algarve, Portugal, a popular resort area, the girls in this movie were awesome and all-naturals. They were Annette Christianson, Jessica Turner, Kerry Marie, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Lorna Morgan, Jade, Teresa May and Adele Stephens. Lorna remembered the week. "The weather was lovely. Our photographer John Graham made me sunbathe for the first two days because I was so pale next to the other girls. Every couple of hours John would pass by the pool, see my skin cooking and tell me to go inside because I looked like a lobster. About 30 minutes later, he'd wonder where all the colour went and send me back out again. I arrived looking milky and left milky despite the constant sunbathing. There were lots of suspicious elderly people on the beach at 7AM. They stayed put and watched all the shoots. Sometimes they come really close for a good look and I would just carry on regardless. I had to be up at 5AM and be in full make-up no later than 6AM. Luckily I shared a room with Kerry and we are exactly alike when it came to going to bed or waking up. We would fall into bed and go to sleep identically. It was uncanny." Stay tuned for Part Two.
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"I do not know," she said. "But wouldn't you love to find out?"

We pressed her a little further, and Valory said, "This was my first time modeling, so I wanted to see how it would be. I liked it very much, and I think the next time, maybe I will show everyone a little more, and maybe after that, even more."

We already have Valory booked for a special project in Portugal with Arianna Sinn, Sophie Mae and Michelle Bond (whose natural boobs have undergone a major growth spurt). And, of course, there's much more of Valory to come on SCORELAND.

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Season Eight Match

The Hazer
HT: 5'7
WT: 125 lbs
Season record (1-1) 
Lifetime record (1-3)

The Conqueror 
HT: 5'6
WT: 130lbs
Season record (0-1) 
Lifetime record (0-1)

Allie Haze got a taste for winning her last match, and never wants to give that up.  She loves dominating and fucking helpless losers on the mat.  For someone who looks so cute and innocent, this one sure has a mean streak.
Chloe Camilla is back, this sexy blonde has one match under her belt.  Chloe is a little spitfire who doesn't like losing, and gives 100% every second on the mat.
Chloe suffers another win and is not happy about it.  Allie is pleased to death and shows Chloe what a brutal fucking can feel like.  Allie dominated during the wrestling and downright humiliates the loser in Round Four.  Chloe will not soon forget this loss.  Revenge can be a bitch and Chloe hopes she gets the chance.
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Most women have no idea how to process orgasm overload.  That is when you make the body cum so hard and often in a short time that it can actually short circuit the brain.  This can only be accomplished when the person is bound, and truly helpless.  If they can get free, they will, and if they can stop you, they will.  Only in total TRUE helplessness can you do this to somebody. If you want to see the total sexual destruction of a 19yr as she is blown to the edge of sanity (and who doesn't) then do not miss this amazing Christmas Miracle..
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BONUS UPDATE: THE MIDNIGHT SNACK PART 3 Deja Dare is all that and a bag of chips and if you don't believe me, then I'll let this anal movie do the talking. She's a pretty young lady with all the right weaponry, she's gorgeous and she has a tasty snatch and tight ass that could take a mean pounding. Students sex party with lots of booze The British Voluptuous magazine superstar Susie Wilden paired up with the goddess of Germany for a nutbusting Lesbian video in London. They also did a fantastic still pictorial of this scene for SCORE magazine. Chloe looks absolutely awesome, in perfect shape and seems more horny than usual. This scene was part of the DVD Ultimate Susie Wilden. The DVD includes Susie's masturbation and getting her tits and ass fucked by SCORE regular Super Mario Marino.
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It's Christmas time which means people like to eat treats and Kaylee Hilton has prepared a special one for herself.  This clip is called Toss My Salad and Kaylee made a whipped cream and cherry ass salad for herself.  Watch as she sucks the cherry down first then she licks all the whipped cream off pausing nicely over the sweetened asshole to take many licks.  But the hard cock in her face proves to tempting and she can't resist but suck it. Of course her cunt gets wet in the process and before you know it Kaylee is riding that hard flesh candy cane all the way home. So if you didn't catch my explanation a coupe weeks ago during my last "Friday bonus update" pic set that is similar to this one here it goes: I shot a bunch of simple but sexy pic sets for a panty fetish website. They like me so much that they let me use the pics to post here for my members to see also which is totally cool of them!  We shot all sorts of panties for all sorts of specific "panty fetishes" so I got to wear a lot of panties I wouldn't normally get to wear.  It's fun it's different I put this scene and 4 or 5 more of these panty fetish pic sets up as Friday "bonus updates."  I have scattered them out for the next 3 months. Hope you like it!:)I think a few of you WILL like this set.. I get a LOT of requests to wear satin panties during my webcam shows and whenever I wear them it seems like everyone is always trying to get me to sell the panties to them!:)  I think there's just something super sexy and horny about smooth satin rubbing against a smooth shaved pussy.. mmmm it feels sooo good!:) 19 year old Sasha Von shows shaved pussy and fingers deep on sofa Shameless brunette pornstar Jenaveve Jolie slurping a giant black penis
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Slave: David Chase
Mistress Ashley Fires just gets better and better! Slave David Chase is let out of chastity for one painful last milking. He's then sent home for a week in his belt before returning for training. He's flogged and subjected to CBT. He's made to fetch sex toys for his mistress and get her off while heavy weights are attached to his nuts. Mistress Ashley attaches a huge vibrator to his belt then rides him for her pleasure. The look on David's face is priceless. He's so close but so far away from her pussy. Mistress Ashley sends him home with a stack of nudey magazines. He's made to look at these and Divine Bitches porn once a day then document it with dated photos. Upon his return he will share the photos with the next Divine Bitch and all of you. Together we will witness his tough week in chastity. Simply divine! 
Training day one was tough, his week in chastity will be worse. Return to Divine Bitches to see what his documented week in chastity entails! 

This update includes chastity, CBT, flogging, tease and denial, pussy worship, humiliation, the Aneros prostate milker and much more!
Maitresse's Evaluation

give up control of manhood

multi-tasking and task managment
learn to serve mutiple dommes simultaneously

sexual service
selfless sexual service

Closing assessment

accept chastity better able to think with brain rather cock
slave will get overloaded serving more then one domme at a time
remain in chastity to reinforce selfless sexual service

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The Steward of the House, Stefanos, hosts a pre-Holiday brunch on the Upper Floor. Join us for the event along with the rest of the Upper Floor brunch regulars. 
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